Shetlanders in Australia.

Bayhall, Walls, SHI, SCT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HENRY, Archibald  18 Aug 1855Bayhall, Walls, SHI, SCT I71597
2 HENRY, Captain Archibald Scott  1800Bayhall, Walls, SHI, SCT I3589
3 HENRY, Barbara Mann  26 Oct 1853Bayhall, Walls, SHI, SCT I71596
4 HENRY, Captain Henry  18 Jun 1893Bayhall, Walls, SHI, SCT I88730
5 HENRY, James Gardner Sinclair  29 Jun 1860Bayhall, Walls, SHI, SCT I71599
6 HENRY, Margaret Jane  7 May 1895Bayhall, Walls, SHI, SCT I88733
7 HENRY, Thomas  9 Jan 1858Bayhall, Walls, SHI, SCT I71598
8 TWATT, Christina  14 Aug 1869Bayhall, Walls, SHI, SCT I63996


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HENRY, Archibald Scott  22 Dec 1902Bayhall, Walls, SHI, SCT I71594
2 HENRY, Barbara Mann  15 Mar 1932Bayhall, Walls, SHI, SCT I71596
3 HENRY, James Gardner Sinclair  5 Dec 1937Bayhall, Walls, SHI, SCT I71599
4 HENRY, Thomas  30 Sep 1863Bayhall, Walls, SHI, SCT I71598
5 SINCLAIR, Jane  29 Mar 1901Bayhall, Walls, SHI, SCT I71593